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The license fee entitles your agency to install the software on as many agency computers as needed.  Licensing is an enterprise license per agency, not per user.  You will be issued a single license key which may be used on all of your agencies machines.  License price tiers are based on overall agency size, not the number of users from the agency intending to use the software.
Agency Size
• 50 or fewer Officers $499
• 51 - 100 Officers $799
• 101 - 250 Officers $1999
• More than 250 Officers $3999
Agency Size
• 50 or fewer Officers $499 $399
• 51 - 100 Officers $799 $599
• 101 – 250 Officers $1999 $1699
• More than 250 Officers $3999 $3499
Maintenance Subscription Renewal
Annual, per agency; includes all software patches, updates, new version releases, enhanced Professional license features and access to eLineup cloud services.  The software will automatically revert to the Standard version at the conclusion of the current term if annual maintenance is not paid for the Professional license.
N/A $600
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Feature Standard Professional
Sequential Lineups
Present sequential lineups.  Photos are randomized and shown one photo at a time.  Based on agency policy, lineups can be locked to sequential only.
Simultaneous Lineups
Present simultaneous lineups.  Photos are randomized and shown all at the same time.  Based on agency policy, lineups can be locked to simultaneous only.
Witness Choice (Sequential/Simultaneous)
Allow the witness to choose if they prefer to see the lineup sequentially or simultaneously.
Automatic Lineup Video Recording
eLineup automatically starts and stops recording to ensure both the lineup administrator and witness are recorded on video.
Screen Capture Video
eLineup creates a screen capture video which documents what the witness saw on screen and how they react to photos in the lineup.
Picture in Picture
Webcam video of the witness is embeded into the screen capture video to create a single video that fully captures the witness reviewing the photo lineup and what they were seeing on screen at the time.
Automatic Lineup Photo Randomization
Lineup photos are shuffled and automatically randomized by the system.  Lineup administrators do not know in advance the position of the suspect in the lineup.
Automatically Build Lineups For Multiple Witnesses
For cases where a lineup needs to be shown to multiple witnesses, eLineup will automatically build and randomize lineups for each witness ensuring the suspect photo is not in the same position for each lineup.
Lineup Administrator Admonishments
Provide statutory or policy based admonishments to the lineup administrator before they conduct the lineup.  Lineup administrators are always presented with a consistent process to follow, eliminating many common mistakes that can be made.
Witness Admonishments
Provide statutory or policy based admonishments to the witness.  An easy to follow step by step process guides the witness through the photo lineup always ensuring the witness is properly admonished and shown lineup photos in a repeatable structured format.  Eliminate the error and variability in your lineups.  Witnesses are always presented lineups in a consistent format.
Basic Lineup Report
Print and save a PDF of the lineup report at the conclusion of the eyewitness identification.
Electronic Signature Capture
Capture witness and lineup administrator signatures electronically using touch screen tablets or laptops.  Signatures are applied directly to the lineup report.  Eliminate the need to print while in the field.  The witness is captured on video signing the report.
Enhanced Lineup Report
Enhanced lineup report with all of the photos shown in the lineup as well as the photo selected if an identification is made.  Electronic signatures are automatically applied if captured during the lineup process.  A PDF copy of the report is automatically saved with the lineup video files.  *Custom reports are available.
Administrator Comments on Report
The lineup administrator can add additional comments or observations regarding the lineup procedure and save them directly on the lineup report.
Build and Save Lineups
Lineups can be built in advance and saved into a single secure file.  The lineup file can be easily emailed or saved for a lineup administrator to use later.  Independent lineup administrators can show saved lineup files without having ever seen any of the photos in the lineup.
Automatically Save and Organize Lineups
Lineup videos and files are automatically saved and categorized by case number and witness name in easy to navigate folders.  Local or network storage can be used to accomodate any environment.  Files can also be easily burnt to CD, DVD or USB drive.
Filler Photo Database
eLineup contains a shared filler photo database with hundreds of thousands of filler photos.  Participating eLineup agencies feed new booking photos daily into the shared database.
*For a limited time eLineup is offering free agency integration into the filler photo database.  Contact eLineup for more details.
Filler Photo Demographics Report
A demographics report is automatically generated documenting the source of all photos used from the filler photo database.  The report includes the agency where the photo originated as well as demographics of the person in each photo.
Photo Cropping Tool
Lineup photos can be easily cropped within eLineup to ensure all photos are the same proportions and look similar, even if they came from multiple different agencies or photo sources.
Convert Photos to Grayscale
With one button click eLineup will automatically convert all of the photos in your lineup to grayscale to even out differences in background colors or other aspects that may otherwise make a photo unduly stand out.
Add Locally Saved Photos
Easily browse and load locally saved photos to the lineup.  eLineup can handle photos in many of the most common image file formats.
Conduct Lineups in English or Spanish
Witnesses are guided through the lineup process in either English or Spanish.  Development of additional languages is planned for future releases.
Verbalized Lineup Screens
eLineup can optionally read all of the screens out loud to the witness.  Witnesses understand the process better when they both hear instructions read out loud and can read them on screen.  This feature accommodates illiterate witnesses who otherwise may not be able to use the system effectively.  *Currently this feature is for English only.
Automatic Microphone Un-Mute
eLineup will automatically un-mute your computers  microphone before conducting a lineup on compatible systems.  Avoid human errror that can lead to audio not being recorded for your lineup.
Website Support
Access to online eLineup help content that can answer many of the most commonly asked questions.  Basic email support that will be answered in the normal support queue.
Phone and Remote Support
Access to eLineup phone support and remote support sessions.  Priority email support.