Present, Document and Record Sequential or Simultaneous Photo Lineups


Present your lineup following best practices, adhering to your specific laws and procedures

An Easy to Follow Step by Step Process Ensures Lineups are Always Conducted Correctly
eLineup is designed to take the guesswork out of presenting simultaneous or sequential photo lineups. Lineup administrators and witnesses are automatically guided through the identification procedure ensuring best practices are always followed.

Conduct Lineups Following Your Specific Laws and Requirementsments
The eLineup software can be designed to follow your agencies specific local laws and requirements. Existing processes designed by the Illinois Prosecutors Bar Association as well as several other federal and state templates are available.  eLineup now supports the lineup procedure established in the January 2017 U.S. Department of Justice memo. U.S. DOJ Memo

Automatic Audio and Video Recording
eLineup automatically documents and records the entire lineup process. A complete video record is created showing exactly what the witness saw on screen and how they interacted with the software. Video of the witness is also included to see and hear the witness completing the photo lineup.

Filler Photo Database
eLineup includes a shared filler photo database containing hundreds of thousands of photos from law enforcement agencies around the country.  Photos selected from the eLineup filler photo database will automatically generate a demographics report as part of the record, documenting the source and demographics of every filler photo selected.

The eLineup system is designed to supplement existing booking systems and can be directly integrated with nearly any other vendors system to automatically add new booking photos to the database.