eLineup Photo Lineup Application Support

Hardware Requirements
• A webcam is required, it can be either an integrated webcam or USB connected external unit. - See Support Info
• Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor or equivalent recommended
• 8GB or more of ram recommended
• 4GB or more of free hard drive space
• Minimum Display Resolution 1024 X 768
(Warning: Windows Display Scaling Above 125% May Cutoff Screen Elements on Some Machines)
• Optional: Touchscreen to collect signatures

Software Requirements
• Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 - (Windows 10 or higher strongly suggested.) 
• (Please note, Windows 7 is no longer supported after version
• Microsoft .NET 4.8 framework - (If not already installed on the machine) Download from Microsoft  
• Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable X86 - (If not already installed on the machine) Download from Microsoft
• Microsoft Media Feature Pack - (This is only needed for Windows 10N or 10NK versions) Download from Microsoft

Internet Connection  - (Optional)
• In order to receive automatic eLineup software updates an internet connection is required.
• eLineup will continue to function without updates or an internet connection if the software is properly licensed.

Installation Instructions